Our Name

The Open Road Theatre’s name was inspired from our first production of The Wind in the Willows (May 2002) from Toad’s quote to his friends, Mole and Rat: ‘There’s the real life for you. The open road, the dusty highway,…Here today, and off somewhere else tomorrow! The whole world before you! — The Wind in the Willows, Kenneth Grahme.

Everyone who is a part of an The Open Road Theatre workshop or production is traveling with us down Toad’s open road as we collaborate together on producing high quality theatre art for all.

Many have traveled down this open road with ORT beginning when they were 5 years old, through college. Others are still traveling down this open road with ORT as young theatre artists and technical crew, as production staff and designers, as board members and parent volunteers and as grant and corporate sponsors.

Everyone is welcome to join us on this Open Road Theatre adventure.

Our Sponsors